Executive Director

Pierce County Economic Development Corp.
Job Description


Perform at a high level the leadership and management functions of planning, organizing, directing and coordinating the activities and affairs of the Pierce County Economic Development Corporation. This position works directly with the president and Executive Committee to successfully perform the duties in accordance with the by-laws, established policies, strategic plans and business objectives as delegated by the Board of Directors. This position is filled following a selection process led by the Executive Committee and a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


  • Lead the daily operations of the PCEDC including financial management, external outreach and program support.
  • Provide services to Pierce County residents and potential businesses to expand and grow the county’s economy.
  • Represent PCEDC with local, regional, state and federal elected officials, agencies and working groups.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Experience: Position requires proficiency in the management of an economic development corporation. Prior experience with the management of an economic development corporation or similar type organization is preferred.

Skills: Excellent written and oral communications skills required. Position has significant external contact which requires a high degree of diplomacy, confidentiality and the ability to interact various groups and individuals. Candidates who have high levels of digital media, marketing and communications skills will be preferred.

Location: River Falls

Please direct all correspondence and questions to :

Pierce County Economic Development Corporation
Board Chair - Larry Dokkestul
P.O. Box 420
Ellsworth, WI  54011-0420
(715) 273-2403

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